Accomplish More in the Same Time

Until a while ago, my typical mornings were made mainly of multi-tasking between preparing breakfast, eating breakfast, taking a shower, my morning workout, and so on. Since I have to leave for work between 8:15 and 8:45, I figured I could multi-task all that I had to do in the morning so that I can “do” more before leaving for work. However, it always seemed like I couldn’t really finish enough tasks before work. More so, I sometimes don’t even get to have breakfast before work.

A couple of months ago, I read an article that advised NOT checking your emails in the mornings. It was a little bit unusual, but I could understand her reasons why. Although the article said not to check emails in the mornings AT WORK, I interpreted it to mean BEFORE WORK. So… I tried it a few times at home before work, and that lead evolved to what I call the “Progressive Morning”.

This is one productivity hack that has been really quite successful for me for lately. So properly explain, let me describe what my typical mornings used to be like (on average)…

● 6:00 – wake up
● 6:10 – put on laptop + music + internet
● 6:30 – toilet
● 6:50 – internet (emails, #youtube, work, social media, etc.)
● 7:15 – workout
● 7:30 – internet again
● 7:40 – shower
● 8:05 – prepare breakfast + eating
● 8:25 – internet, until it’s time for work


And like I said, sometimes, I don’t make it for breakfast and repeatedly breaking the work flow leaves me without accomplishing much.

Now, this is what my progressive mornings are like these days (on average)…

● 6:00 – wake up
● 6:10 – put on #music
● 6:15 – toilet
● 6:40 – #workout
● 6:50 – #breakfast (or shower)
● 7:10 – #shower (or breakfast)
● 7:20 – ready for workAs you can see, this leaves me with about 45 to 60 minutes uninterrupted to work, check emails, youtube, social media, etc. and never miss breakfast, never be late for work 🙂

This is what I now call the “Progressive Morning” which simply means,

● NO multi tasking whatsoever
● Complete all morning rituals back to back, one right after the other
● NO internet or television until you’re set for the morning
● Put on some good music to get you in a good state of mind
● Then you can relax, and do whatever you want.

Sometimes I still get to catch an extra 20 to 30 minutes nap in the morning before my colleague shows up.

I would like you to give this a try, and tell us if it was any useful or not, and leave your comments below


Intelligent people tend to sleep late

I beg to differ 🙂 I think that’s just a misinterpretation of results. Let me elaborate…

The observation: Intelligent people tend to sleep late.

The interpretation: if you sleep late, then you’re intelligent.

My response: wrong!

The fact that intelligent people tend to sleep late doesn’t automatically make anyone who sleeps late “intelligent”.

Another example…
The observation: A certain specie of shrimps have a bright yellow/orange color and tend to swim in groups.

The interpretation: The swim in groups for protection.

The reality: A parasite that sits in their brains make them change color and swim in groups so that their new bright color becomes even more visible to the flamingo bird (the parasite’s target). This way, the flamingo can see the shrimps better, and eat them… then the parasite gets into the flamingo (target acquired).

Another example…
The observation: I (Kheme) eats semolina quite a lot.

People’s observation: He really loves semolina, much so that he eat it a lot.

The reality: I’m too tired to wait 15 mins for a meal when I’m very hungry. I make semolina in 3 mins, so it’s really really quick food for me… why wait!?

So… in the end, the fact that a person sleeps late doesn’t make them intelligent. “Intelligence has been linked with late nights” is a more appropriate way to say this.