Twitter Introduces Fabric – a cross-platform mobile development suit

While debugging for a twitter plugin for WordPress, I came across Fabric by Twitter. I did a little digging, and it’s new, it’s a mobile development suit that Twitter is creating but yet to launch. I gave it a try, but there is a waiting list.


A quote from the webpage…

Mobile Development, Solved.

We know first-hand that building great mobile apps is hard. Developers face many of the same challenges day-in and day-out: making their apps reliable, testing before going live, driving downloads, onboarding new users, engaging them, understanding their apps’ growth and monetizing. Each challenge presents a unique set of hurdles.

Our passion is building tools that make developers’ lives easier. This is why we’ve built Fabric: a modular, cross-platform mobile development suite that helps you solve any one – or all – of these challenges and build the best apps with the least effort.

I urge mobile developers and others alike to take a look now at

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