Free Tsu invitation from Kheme

In case you haven’t heard, Tsu (pronounced as “Sue”) is one the latest Social Networks that pays it’s users (up to 90% of generated revenues) for the content that they create. But you know, they call it “an online social network where you can interact with your friends, family and other users” 🙂

While Tsu is a free social network, it’s invitation only. And those who already know are probably on this page because of it’s title, so that means you’re looking for a shortcode. Here it is:

For those who don’t know, you can still signup and follow/friend me over there 🙂

Tsu network is growing rapidly and you wouldn’t want to miss a chance on taking advantage right now by being an early adopter. Sign up (with my link above) and try to invite as many people as you can before all your friends get signed up with someone else. Remember, the money is shared among your network, so you want to growing your network as early and easy as possible because people are looking for who to follow now. So with each passing day, it becomes even more difficult as people will gain to find loyal followers.

TSU Revenue
TSU Revenue

So without much ado, free tsu invitation with my link ( Signup now, and start building your network. Inviting your friends, lovers, classmates, colleagues, family and pets alike. Once you create your profile, your username automatically becomes your own tsu invitation and you should share it on as many social networks as you can to get attention and sign ups under your name. Those people who sign under your name will become and remain your “Tsu descendants” lol

Go! Now!! Sign up under with my FREE TSU invitation!!!

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