Something to do this Christmas

About almost 9 years ago, I moved into a secular country with 99% Muslims. As a Christian, I’m used to celebrating Christmas and preparations start towards the 2nd week of December. However, with Christians making up 1% or less of the population, Christmas celebration wasn’t popular in my city. The Muslims knew it was Christmas, but there were no carol nights, and so on. My friends were dull in the moment as well, but I felt there was something we could do to keep the Christmas spirit alive!

In December 2008, I visited the London and I really felt Christmas everywhere! So… I bought some Santa hats for friends, and asked that everyone wore theirs. Since then, I decided that I would wear my Santa Hat everyday, all day, for a few days before AND after Christmas, in order to keep the spirit alive. And guess what? It worked!

10 Days of Christmas (2013)
10 Days of Christmas (2013)

The response and feedback I got was amazing! So I decided to make it an annual thing which I called “10 Days of Christmas”. Every year from December 21st until December 30th, I wear my hat everywhere… to class, to the market, at work and even to meetings. At times I have to take it off, like in Church or while talking to my vice rector one day who thought I was a joke and asked me to take it off lol

So… I’m encouraging everyone, anyone who would like to uplift people’s spirits and make them smile this Christmas, to join me in this. Let’s give people something to talk and laugh about for 10 days. Also, you may post daily photos of you with your Santa hat and share on your favorite social media, like i did on Facebook here:

If you share on social media, please use the hash tag #10daysofchristmas


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