Sixth Sense

Sixth SenseSixth Sense

I’ve always had this inner voice, feeling or “6th sense” that guides me or directs me at certain times. It sometimes lets me know when I’m about to make a bad decision. It also lets me know the outcomes of things concerning people around me. I’m still not 100% sure what to call it, but I call it “a feeling”. Some people say it’s the Holy Spirit, others say it’s the Voice of God while some call it my spirit self.

It is always specific, and usually with a single message and no explanations. I has never been wrong. There were times in my life when I didn’t listen to this voice, and I had deep regrets. Ever since the last time I failed to listen, I always obey and do as instructed, and I’ve had no regrets. I don’t know if others experience something like this, but I honestly thank God for that voice in my head.

What do you think this is?


Yahoo! Alerts comes to an end in January 2015

Yahoo! AlertsImagine receiving an alert when the weather changes, or when there’s traffic somewhere, or breaking news about some celebrity… That’s what Yahoo! Alerts did. I remember every morning when I open my Yahoo! Messenger, weather alerts would popup on my screen.

Unfortunately, like all good things, Yahoo! Alerts service will be coming this January. No reason was given as to why the service will be discontinued, they recommend you set alerts for each of theirs sub-sites on the websites themselves. I used this service for a while, but with new websites like IFTTT, I wouldn’t need the service much.

What service, website or app do you use for alerts?


SommieliciousSommie & Kheme

We’ve been friends 2008, and our friendship had a very slow start. Thanks to Turkcell, our relationship got better in 2010. But it wasn’t until 2012 that we met for the very first time. Now it’s 7 years later, and we still talk on the phone every other day, if not daily. Irrespective of our heated arguments over the phone, she’s become an part of my everyday. A couple of days ago, I found this post I shared on one of my social media 1 year ago about our “special” relationship. I’m still grateful today for our special friendship.

The “Computer Guy”

Computer GuyThe “Computer Guy”

Most people know me as the “Computer Guy” or “Website Guy” or something else related with computers. Someone even referred to me as the “go-to” guy whenever she has computer problems.

Years ago before I moving to Cyprus, my name was probably to most called out name in the house. If electricity is gone, you hear my name. If electricity is back, you hear my name. If there is a problem somewhere, you hear my name. If there is a new gadget, device or equipment… well, you get the idea. So one day I raised an objection and my father responded saying… you are a “utility person” and that’s why we call you most times.

Now when I think of the number of things I’m good at, I just thank God.

Alone, but not lonely

Alone ≠ LonelyLoneliness is only a state of mind

There’s this saying that once you learn to live with yourself, you will never be bored or lonely again. Another one says that you must first know how to live with yourself before your start to live with someone else. I can relate well with both statements. I hardly ever get bored normally and I think it’s because there are always thoughts in my head and there’s always something to do (physically or in my head).

The other night I was having a conversation with someone who thought their life was wrong because she was alone. Meanwhile, there I sat listening to her and thinking how awesome my life was because I was alone. Every once in a while, we all feel lonely. But I thank God that as alone as I may be… I am certainly not lonely 🙂

DeQeo Consulting

DeQeo ConsultingStudy Abroad Agency

They say that a well optimized website is like a salesman that never sleeps. I believe this is correct and is evidence of that for me. I know I haven’t even put in as much effort as is required for the website, but it still amazes me how well it works. I literally have to do NOTHING and the leads keep flowing in daily. It amazes me yet, and I’m thankful because I know of cases were more time, money and resources are put into websites that yield little or no leads. I thank God that my efforts though, are not in vain.

You can learn about my Study Abroad Agency here:


JoyThank God for Joy!

I never actually sat down to think about it until we have a devotion that day, and we discussed about Joy and what it means to be joyful. It wasn’t until then that I realized that I had joy. Joy isn’t necessarily happiness and joyfulness isn’t necessarily excitement. It is more of an inner thing, than an outward thing, even though it can be expressed or displayed outwardly. I thank God that I have joy, despite everything else.