Time: Utilize it, don’t spend it!

Appreciate the time that you’re given

If I gave you $10 for each time you’ve heard or read the phrase “time is the most valuable resource” (or something similar), you’d probably rich by now. And yet, time is still one of the things that we ALL take for granted, whether we’re multitasking, playing or just plain bored. Some people use the word “utilize” rather than “spend” to describe how we use time in order to emphasize how important time is as a resource: time should be utilized, not spent.

Time, unlike most other resources (water, soil, etc.), is given to each and every one of us in equal amounts: 24 hours (at least here on earth) but still many people claim not to have time. How is that? If we appreciate the time that we’re given, and utilize it as a resource, you and I both know that your life would be different from what it is right now. I’m not saying it would be better or worse, I’m just saying it would be different, and you know it 🙂

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