The grace of God

God's GraceHis grace is abundant

Last night I was reminiscing with my ex-girlfriend about the good old days while we used to date. I remembered a day we were together and for a few hours I went completely mute, just to see how she’d react. She was totally cool and handled it well. She remembered a day I had to run for my life as her father chased me with bottles. I narrowly escaped serious injuries that day, and I couldn’t help but realize how the grace of God has indeed kept me more times than I can count.

Once more recent event was when I broke my tooth at a water park. I dove right down to the bottom of the pool headfirst, and hit the floor hard! Half of my tooth got lodged in the roof of my mouth, and the nerve was sticking out of the other half. Each time I think about that day, I try to imagine if it didn’t happen like that. I could have died, or I could have busted my face, my lip, my jaw or something… it could have gone terribly worse! And this happened on a Saturday and I didn’t see the dentist until Monday. She said that with my nerve completely exposed, I should have been in a lot of pain! But I wasn’t.

I think we all need to recognize the hand of God in our lives from time to time, and appreciate his grace upon our lives.


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