A chance to be enlightened

ArgumentsAn opportunity to gain knowledge

Do you remember those debates (and sometimes Debate shows) that we used to watch and enjoy as kids? I have only been in a debate team once or twice and I wasn’t even able to contribute much. They’re always fun, isn’t it?

So when did debates stop being fun? A debate is a list of arguments that try to prove or disprove a point. But most “grownups” see arguments are a “bad” thing and I wonder when arguments changed from fun to bad.

I’ve always enjoyed arguments because it presents a chance to be enlightened, an opportunity to learn more about life, about the person you’re arguing with and especially more about what you may or may not know. I always feed empowered after an argument because of the knowledge that I gain thereafter, and as they say “knowledge is power”. I’m grateful for arguments because it’s a time to learn and not about winning nor is it about who’s right or wrong.


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