I Remain True to Myself

True to Yourself

Be true to thine self

You know how some people say that no matter how bad your food is, it will always taste good in your mouth? Right? Well, I call bullshit! If I got $10 for every time someone told me that, I would be able to afford a really nice bike 🙂

When I tell people that I make good Stew or Egusi Soup, they reply saying “oh, it’s cos you cooked it and you’re eating it alone, so it will always be good” and they always insist that this is a fact. I have cooked almost everyday of my life for the last 9 years, and I know when my food is wack! I mean, there’s no denying it, and I thank God that I’m always true to myself, even in times of badly made food.

I know that the 2 people you cannot deceive in life are God, and yourself. If you honestly believe that your food (no matter how bad it tastes) will always taste good to you… then you need to see someone mehn, because you have serious issues.

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