Do you wash or wipe?

So about personal hygiene, think with me for a moment…

You’re walking barefooted in the backyard when you step on a fresh, steaming piece of hot dog poop! Damn! What do you do? Wash or wipe? I believe most people will wash, with water instead of just wiping it properly with tissue paper. But WHY?!? Why wash? Why not just wipe it off with some tissue paper?

But this is my argument and my personal opinion… why then would same people wipe instead of wash after taking a shit? I mean, if it’s more hygienic to wash off dog poop from your feet doesn’t that also apply to your butt after taking a dump? Isn’t it common sense?

I had been wiping until about 8 years ago and now I always wash, as long as I have access to water and soap. I personally wouldn’t feel clean if I have to wipe, especially when I’m outside. And as soon as I arrive home, I go wash again lol

What about you? Do you wash or wipe? Please share your opinion in the comments section below.


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