Family Support

Family Support

When I finished my undergraduate studies in 2010, I told my parents that I didn’t want to continue schooling. To my surprise, they said they were fine with whatever decision I made. During my undergraduate days, I didn’t really feel like I had their support at the times when I felt I needed it most. Somehow, maybe I was wrong.

When Chuka & Denisa got married about 2 years ago, they kept it a secret from all their friends and family, except a few that were very close to them. They did this because they didn’t think their parents will support the idea. However, when their parents found out… they didn’t freak out. In fact, they were very supportive.

My point is, we should be grateful for supportive families, even if the support doesn’t come when we feel we really need it. I appreciate the support I get from my family from time to time.


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