Comparison is Human Nature

So you’re visiting another country for the first time and you walk into a shop or market to purchase a few necessities. You pick up the first item and upon looking at the price tag, you automatically and/or unconsciously compare the price to what you’re used to back in your country, even if it’s the same currency or a different currency. It’s inevitable… it just happens!

The same thing happens when you pick up a friend’s phone and then you realize that you use the exact same model. You get tempted to start comparing immediately. I know I do, if not all the time. We ask questions like how much they got it for, or the specifications, size, and so on.

I believe this is basic human nature, and I believe it’s okay… there is nothing wrong with comparing. Where the problem lies, I think, is what you do once you realize that you’re better or worse off. For some, they compare just as a note-to-self. “Ohkay, things are more expensive in Canada” or “He seemed to have gotten a better bargain for that watch. Next time, I should buy from where he got his” or “She got a bad offer for that phone, I can suggest a place with a better deal” and so on.

ComparisonIs it then wrong to “compare”?

For others, jealousy may arise, or greed, and then hatred. In other words, it boils down to the character of the person. There are those who realize that their lovers may never be like that of their friends, and they’re cool with it. Some others push their lovers to be like their friend’s, which is displayed in ungratefulness or lack of appreciation for what you already have (because you want more).

So because “prevention is better than cure”, is it then wrong to “compare”? I think not though, and I believe this varies from person to person. But what is your opinion??


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