Make Love, Not War

Make Love, Not WarAppreciate the time you get to spend with friends

Like someone was told me a few days ago, it’s like some people don’t like peace, because the moment they settle all fights and the relationship is peaceful, they find a new reason to fight, again! As if they actually enjoy or miss the fights.

It reminded me of an old lover of mine. Whenever we meet, I’m always excited to see her and looking forward to the time we would spend together, because I missed her since the last time we saw. But that is exactly when she chooses to bring up all unresolved issues. I noticed this pattern and told her one day “why not enjoy the little time we have together now, and then fight later?”

People do this a lot, forgetting to appreciate the time that they get to spend with those they care about. As a result, a 15 minutes meeting becomes a 30 minutes fight, and what was supposed to be an exciting date becomes low-light (as opposed to highlight) that ruins your entire day or week.


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