Life Is Not Always about Benefits!

“Life is all about benefits” is the lesson that a few people have tried to teach me in the last year or so. One should NOT do something for someone else unless you stand to gain something in return. I call bullshit on this one! This world would be so much better if people gave without any expectations, or without expecting much in return.

Being too kind and being always kind are not the same thing. Being kind doesn’t mean being naive. Being kind doesn’t mean being used, as people try to teach me. In fact, someone once said to me, and I quote “Oki, you’re too kind to people and it’s wrong”. I always say that one can never be too kind, and I still stand by it.

If you can, then why not? If spending 5 minutes helping a friend out is not going to cost you anything, literally, then why not? And even if it’s going to cost you a little inconvenience… still, why not???

I feel like I have so much love to give, and yea, I’m not afraid to give and I thank God that I am like this. And yes, people have definitely “used” me in the past, but that did NOT make me any less or a person nor did it diminish my life in anyway whatsoever… I was happy to help!

BenefitsLife is not always about benefits

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