The significant moments of life

Life's MomentsSharing life’s significant moments

This morning a friend shared a photo from her morning walk with me on Whatsapp. It struck a thought in me: the fact that she chose to share with me. I mean, she didn’t have to, but she did, and I appreciated it. It make me think of the times when we wish we had someone to share some of our life’s significant  moments and experiences with, but lack a friend or someone to just share with.

Over the years, I have unconsciously but deliberately (if that makes sense) made myself available for moments like these in the lives of my friends that a friend once pointed the importance of this some years ago. She said she felt so much relief after talking to me about what was burdening her heart, and she felt really sorry for those who had nobody to share their burdens with. Whether it’s a low moment in life or a high moment in life, we should appreciate the times when we actually have someone to share moments of our lives with, be it good times or bad times, significant or not.


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