Don’t Be Silly!

“Life goes on” is one phrase that most definitely resonates with you as you read this, but it is also something we often forget or ignore, despite how true we know and believe it to be.

The first time I told my first girlfriend that I wanted to breakup with her, her sister called me later that day that she tried to kill herself. This was in early 2000 during our teenage years, and the most appropriate response would be “come on girl, don’t be silly!” Over time, the threats of an eminent breakup came and went, over and again, until it lost its effect altogether. However, when the relationship finally ended, I couldn’t imagine a future without her and it really did feel like my life was going to be different, if it did not lose meaning and end.

Fast forward 10+ years and here I am doing pretty well, and we both laugh about those days at how “silly” we both were.  Nevertheless, we often find ourselves in similar situations, even as grownups. A few years ago, an affair of about 2+ years abruptly came to an end, and I was devastated. It was devastating because most times (if not all the time) when I imagined my future, she was always in it somewhere, and so when the relationship came to an end, it became very, very difficult to literally imagine a future without her. I needed time to readjust imagining my future without her in it. In about 3 months, I was fine again.

Don't be silly

Why am I saying all this? I have come to realize that no matter how different the lack of a person in your life may feel, you will be fine at the end of the day, so don’t fuzz. Whether it’s the loss of a significant other, a sibling or a parent, things will usually turn out fine because we are human beings… we adapt.

So in situations like these, smile and say to yourself “don’t be silly!” because life certainly goes on!


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