I can Forgive

I will ForgiveI thank God that I can forgive

I learned a long time ago that forgiveness is beneficial to the offended, not the offender. When you forgive, you heal your hurt but many people don’t get this. Unforgivness only hurts you and not the person you have chosen not to forgive. Yes, forgiveness is a questions of willingness, not a question of possibility. The question is NOT “can” you forgive? because you can. The question is “will” you forgive? After talking with people about their reasons for forgiveness, I saw that they actually could forgive if they wanted to, but they chose not to; some because of pride, ego or stubbornness. I don’t know anyone that is truly happy deep down that still harbors unforgiveness, or do you? Go and ask the happiest people that you know how much unforgiveness they still have in their hearts and lives. Thank God for the things you can forgive, and ask for the strength for those things that seem unforgivable.


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