Most Popular Articles in January 2015

Here is a summary of my most viewed articles on this blog during the month of January 2015

Miles&Smiles: How to Get FREE Turkish Air Miles

Well, it’s not absolutely free though, cos you have to work for it! Turkish Airlines is giving out 25 million (yes, 25,000,000) miles in a new “25 Million Miles” campaign. So the rules are simple: sign up for their Miles… Continue reading

Viber gets even cooler with meme stickers

To me, one of the coolest features on Viber is their stickers. It’s always made instant messaging on mobile (and now on desktop) fun for me. So imagine my excitement when I checked the Viber sticker market today and… Continue reading

Free Exams from!

Yea, is at it again. Just in December, they had 12 days of give away, and I got the chance to take one of their proficiency exams for free. Now, in celebration of March Madness, they’re giving another free exam… Continue reading

What happens in my brain while coding

Imagine an actor who is to play the role of another character. He comes into the studio and sits while the makeup artists prepare and make him up with his very elaborate costume. In the 15 to 45 minutes his makeup… Continue reading

My Greatest Fear in Life

Life is the greatest gift of all I cannot really express what really scares me the most because it is something that simply will never happen. My greatest fear in life is the fear of never being born! Yes, it scares… Continue reading

Kheme’s Special Salad

For some time now, people have requested the recipe for my so-called “Special Salad” and so I finally decided to publish this. Ingredients Apple cider vinegar Cabbage (1 small) Red cabbage (1 small, optional) Carrots (1 big or 200g) Halloumi cheese… Continue reading

17 Laws not taught in physics

1. Law of Mechanical Repair After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you’ll have to pee. 2. Law of Gravity Any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible… Continue reading

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