Life’s Little Pleasures

Life's Little PleasuresAppreciate even the little one

Towards the end of 2013, I decided to drop my wallet permanently and go cashless. Since then, I hardly ever carry cash except I have to use public transportation or on some other rare occasions. So today I had this craving for a new biscuit that I discovered which has become my favorite now, but due to financial constraints and the fact that my bank is taking a month to renew my ATM card, I felt a little bit down.

Then for some unknown reason, I opened my cupboard drawer and guess what I saw in there??? Some money! You would not believe how excited I was! Yes, it was my money, and no it wasn’t $500, but I was so excited for the next 20 minutes or so. I don’t know if it was because I found some money or if it was because I got to eat my favorite biscuit or if it was both. But it was a moment that I appreciated so much, and it make me think of the other little pleasures of life that we sometimes take for granted.

Like finding a toilet after holding a full bladder on an hour’s long trip. Or like a popular post on social media says “happiness is finding a toilet when you have diarrhea” or something like that. I appreciate the little pleasures in my life, like the warm feeling of sunlight on my skin during a cold winter, or finding some change in my cupboard drawer when I’m craving a bite of my favorite biscuit lol

Which of life’s little pleasures do you appreciate the most?


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