Learning Abilities

The OpenerNickname from my siblings

Whenever I tell people the kinds of things I did when I was in secondary school, I can bet they would think that I was crazy. For instance, I actually did lean computer programming (QBASIC) with pen and paper and this was years before using an actual computer. I also learned PHP & MySQL in literally 2 days. And on 2 different occasions, in 2 different countries and a couple of years apart, 2 different people actually thought I was Turkish! And you know what? About 80% of the Turkish that I know and speak today was learned within 2 months… in 2006!

Something happened a few days ago that made me really appreciate my learning abilities. I’m just a very curious person, always wanting to know more and do more. My siblings used to call me “opener” because I always opened things, and I did so because I wanted to know how stuff worked. It has taken me places, and I just thank God.

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