Current Conditions

Current ConditionsIt could have be worse… be thankful!

I have cold feet sometimes, and it’s worse in the winter times. My feet gets so cold that it feels like ice. In fact, there was a night when I was sleeping and my feet touched my leg… it was so cold that I woke up immediately! My feet gets so cold that no amount of socks that I put on are not enough to warm them up.

Then my friend touched me with her hands this morning… they felt so cold, as cold as my feet gets! I thought my condition was bad, but her’s is worse! I mean, I’d rather have cold feet than cold hands. However, no matter what your current condition may be, trust me, someone else is in a much worse condition right now. I’m not saying to dwell in your current condition, but be grateful that it isn’t worse, because it could be much worse. Do think about it.

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