Do not be jealous, be motivated

People Ahead in LifeBe motivated, not jealous

Motivation could be either internal or external.

Internal motivation happens when you create a picture of a possible future goal towards which you work. And every once in a while when you seem to be losing focus, you can always turn to that mental picture for motivation and keep going. At other times, a mental picture of a possible future goal may be difficult to imagine. That’s when external sources come in handy as motivation. These “external” source usually are people. Consider this story…

A lady walks into an expensive boutique and sees a colleague trying on pricey clothes. She thinks and says to herself “I want to be able to do that someday” with motivation. So although people may seem to be ahead of us in life, they provide us a mental picture of a possible future to work towards. And when my friend feels like she’s losing focus, she can always remember that scene of her colleague trying on expensive clothes, and say to herself “I will get there someday!”

Thank God for motivation from those people that seem to be ahead of us in life.


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