Hate has no point!

Success is the best revenge

We were looking at this post on #Facebook and someone commented about not having the need to revenge, or “hate” and my friend said “hate and revenge are not the same”. But I paused to think about it altogether and it hit me that hate, literally has no point. Or should I say that hate is not good for your health.

When you think about it, what good does hating someone else do for you? I once had a friend whose heart was broken by a guy she fell in love with, to the point that she hated him, the sight of him or anyone she knew as a result of her relationship with him. Often times when I suggest to her to take a walk to the seaside, or go certain places, she would say “no! I don’t want to see so and so person or his friends” or “so and so person’s lives around that area, so I can’t go near there” or “he works close to so and so place, so I can’t go there until so and so time”.

Seriously! What kind of life are you living? You hate someone, but YOU seem to be the one suffering… you can no longer go to your favorite spots or pass certain routes anymore, and so thereby limiting yourself and your life from the things you really want to enjoy… all because you hate someone?! And this person that you hate so much is somewhere else at that moment, living their life and making sure they enjoy it, and they’re most definitely (absolutely) NOT even remotely thinking about pathetic you.

So I ask again… what is the point of hating?! I say Forgive and Forget, and move on with living and enjoying your life.


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