A Second Chance at Something Seemingly Trivial

Second ChancesThank God for Second Chances

Sometime last week I bought a mop bucket, a cheap bucket, for 10 bucks. I was ready to pay more for a mop bucket but was surprised that the one I picked was so cheap. I happily took it home and after 3 dips to squeeze, the damrn thing broke! I was frustrated immediately so we decided to take it back the next day and I was willing to pay the price difference for a more quality bucket.

Thankfully, I was able to get a better bucket and paid the price difference after much talking and after they saw for themselves that they were selling a rubbish product. They’re going to complain to the producer of the buckets and will eventually take the buckets off display so that no one else has to suffer what I did.

However, not everyone is lucky to gets a second chance at certain things in life, whether big or small. I know it was just a bucket, but they could have said “no, you paid for it and that’s it!” and I would have had to pay full price for another bucket. Second chances are not very common for everyone and that’s why I’m appreciative of every second, third, fourth and so on chance that I get in my life.

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