The Problem that Uniforms Solve

UniformsThank God for Uniforms

As kids we used to despise uniforms because, well, I really don’t know! I guess because we usually didn’t want to be identified with whatever the uniform represented? I don’t know. I remember how we used to hate to dress the same during Christmas, and other occasions. One of us would cry or fight to change our outfits when we realize that another sibling or friend worse the same outfit or something similar.

However as a grown up, I often found myself feeling really fly whenever I and my siblings had to wear the same outfits on outings like church services or other occasions. It makes me wonder why we hated uniforms as children. But I thank God for uniforms though, because they solve a major problem especially for those who have problems picking out what to wear (like me)!

Every day I have to decide what to wear to work or to church, and I cannot help but envy those people who wear uniforms to work. I mean, your outfit for the day has already been decided! You don’t have to think or worry about what to wear or matching trousers and things like that. I guess that’s why people like the late Steve (of Apple) and Mark (of Facebook) usually wear the same outfit most (if not all) the time.


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