More Gets Done When Work is Fun!

The Mop BucketThank God for the mop bucket!

So since I got the new mop bucket, mopping has become fun. The bucket is no ordinary bucket though. It has a squeezing mechanism that spins to give the same effect as manually squeezing with your hands in a clockwise direction.

The reason I needed the bucket in the first place was because the people who did the work in my bathroom did rubbish: There’s water leaking here and there and after most showers, I have to mop the place. I called them once and they applied silicone to insulate the inside of the bathroom “cage” (yea, it does feel like a cage) but that did not work and water still leaks, albeit the flow reduced a bit.

Before deciding to purchase a mop bucket, I thought to myself that it may be useless since I’m leaving in less than 3 months already, so why not just ask them to come fix it again? But due to my working schedule, I almost never meet them at a convenient time and I kind of enjoyed moping anyways so I really didn’t mind. It was just the lack of a mop bucket made it no fun at all.

Now with this new mop bucket, mopping has become fun at home and I sometimes feel like watering the whole floor so that I can mop it all up lol So yea… Thank God for the mop bucket!

When we find a way to make work more fun, we can and will always do not because work will no longer feel like work. Don’t you agree?

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