The Little Things

The Little ThingsBe grateful, even for the little things

My friend was just telling me on the phone about an order she placed online, that should be delivered to the North side of Cyprus. She has had packages from online orders wrongfully delivered to the South side of Cyprus before. This seems to be a common mistake around here, especially for foreigners in North Cyprus.

While I was working at the International Office of the European University of Lefke, there were many times when students would come to the office to complain about their packages being sent to the South side. But as I and my friend were hoping that her package gets delivered right, I could remember all the packages I had had delivered to me here in North Cyprus. I never ever had a problem with a package being delivered to the wrong part of Cyprus before. I know it’s a little thing, but I’m grateful; and that little voice inside my head couldn’t hold back from saying “thank God I never had a problem with my postage oh!”


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