About Emotional Well-being

Emotion & MeaningContribute to something beyond yourself

It is important cultivate emotional well-being and this happens to be one of my greatest strengths. Due to emotional stability I tend to enjoy a better quality of life and a more meaningful existence which in turn allows me to easily derive pleasure from the rewards of other areas of my life. I feel like I am well on your way to an extraordinary life because I don’t do things mainly for incentives; life is not always about benefits.

I am interested in something much larger than I am, something that helps me grow and contribute to the lives of others. I just thank God that I am on the right track though. I mean money sure is good, for not much can be accomplished without money but when you mostly do things for money or incentives (benefits), then you can be likened to a whore: a whore will only love you when you give money. Money stopped motivating me many years ago… I’m not a whore.

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