One Secret to Happiness

Secret to HappinessControl what you can; accept what you can’t control

There are many secrets to happiness that you will come across in your life time, but this is one that is common and yet not very often practiced. Learn to take control and responsibility for the things you can control in your life, while you accept those you cannot control.

Sometimes certain things happen in life and we tend to blame others for those things when in fact, we could have done something about it. Some people would rather curse the dark than light a candle. Don’t be like that. On the other hand, there are times when we may have zero control over the outcome of an event, like the loss of a family member, and yet we take responsibility for it. Why do we do that? We just have to learn to accept things as they come, and not as our responsibility.

Last night or so I was talking to a friend who lost her limited edition wrist watch and she was ranting and raving for minutes, if not hours. It was her fault though because she forgot it somewhere, but then she took it out on everyone associated with circumstances surrounding the loss of her watch. It’s been a week or so, and she’s finally accepted that its gone. If she accepted this at the beginning and took responsibility for her loss, I think she would have bounced back much earlier and life would soon be normal again.

I have lost intangible, but value things a few times before. Not twice, not trice but maybe 4 or 5 times, and I’ve learned to just accept the loss as it comes. The last time or so when this happened, I had a premonition beforehand and so I was prepared and probably the least affected person by the loss.

I’m thankful that I’ve learned how to take responsibilities for the things that I have control over (whether I do something about it or not), and I know how to accept those things that I have no control over.


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