When Things are out of place

Out of PlaceI can feel it

A couple of years ago, I went to speak with a friend about a personal problem. I felt like things were not right somewhere, some worth spiritually. I felt like I was “out of spirit”, like something was out of place, and so I decided to talk to her because I felt she was a spiritual person compared to me. After explaining to her, she said the fact that I actually felt that way means that I was “spiritual” enough to figure it out and that there was nothing more she could do. It did make some sense, like I’ve discussed about conscious consciousness and unconscious consciousness before.

Things actually have to happen first for some people to know that something is wrong, but I’m glad that I can feel a disturbance in the force some times. This may actually have to do with my premonitions, or not, but I’m grateful to God for this ability.


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