Thank God for Rain!

RainThank God for rain!

I saw a quote somewhere that said something like…

You say you love the rain, but when it rains you grab an umbrella. How can I trust you when you say you love me?

After living in Cyprus for 9 years where the rainfall in a year here is like 2 months rainfall in Nigeria, one learns to appreciate the rain. In the last 2 months though, the rain has been really funny. There where times I felt my roof would fly off. And I’ve had laundry out in the rain for about 2 or 3 days now and I’m just too lazy to go take them inside.

But I’m grateful for the rain though. I’ve always felt like the rain washes the weather. Whenever I look outside after a good rainfall, the place feels “washed” and clean in a sense. If it rains at all in the summer and if it rains well, it cools down the temperature a bit, leaving a day or two of bearable heat. In the winter, it does something similar too; like the rainfall in the past few days, the temperature has increased a bit, giving us a few days of near normal temperature tap water, instead of ice-cold tap water. Plus I don’t have to use heating as much as I did last week. It’s just all good. Along with so many other reasons, these are the reasons why I appreciate a good rainfall.


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