What if…

What If..

  • What if you had 99 problems and they’re all bitches?
  • What if Prince’s doves never cried?
  • What if Michael Jackson didn’t “remember the time”?
  • What if Ice Cube didn’t have a good day?
  • What is Iggy Azalea wasn’t so fancy?
  • What if Duncan Mighty’s “Indian Girl” was actually Pakistani? Continue reading

Do You Feel God May Be Gossiping about You?

Okay maybe it’s just me but I have this fear and I think it is a perfectly logical one. Let me just explain…

We all know that one person who is a gossip, and cannot keep a secret; they spill everything they hear or are told like trying to collect water with a basket. And sometimes, that gossip of a person happens to be our good friend, close friend or even best friend. You know where I’m going with this, right? Continue reading

If you are the smartest person in the room…

I have a real problem with this statement, but give me a few minutes let me explain myself here.

So let’s say you are indeed the smartest person in the room of 5 people. According to this statement, YOU are the smartest person in the room (congratulations, by the way) and that means you don’t belong in that room. So what now? What do you do? Do you leave? Okay fine… you leave the room.

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Man Wasn’t Meant for the Sabbath

The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath

About 3 years ago, this statement started to have a new meaning in my life. Up until the 3rd quarter of 2013, I had worked as a freelancer or part time and there wasn’t really a clear distinction between my work life and my personal life. I was usually the guy you’d see working on his laptop while at a party or on a school trip. People that spent much time with me knew this about me; There was a day that I went to visit a friend and she was “shocked” to see that I didn’t bring my laptop that day… yea, it was that bad. Continue reading

I Still Don’t Get Clubs!

In the ClucbIt’s like paying for headache and to have your body smell of 2nd hand smoke… why?

I have been to clubs a couple of times in my life and most of those times were during the days while I was still running Pre Entertainment. Pre Entertainment (or “Pre Ent” for short) was the name under which I organized entertainment events like university parties, tournaments and so on. I did a few parties under that name, and a few others under no name or just to help a friend out. But before Pre Ent, I had never gone “clubbing” before and it was mainly it was never really my kind of thing. After Pre Ent, I was sure clubbing wasn’t my thing, but I kind of had to be there because they were my parties. Continue reading

Sometimes Misfortunes Are Necessary for Change to Happen

Sometimes in life we are faced with misfortunes or very unfortunate events, things that make you reconsider your values and the meaning of things in your life. I am not saying that they are good, but I appreciate misfortunes because they stop us in our tracks and force us to re think our actions and the decisions that have brought us to that point. There have been many times where something unfortunate happened to me and I started to ask myself questions about what I knew and believed, about what I thought was right and what I thought was wrong, and so on. Some misfortunes force us to make decisions that we normally wouldn’t. Continue reading

My Superpower

My Superpower

We were having ice cream at Mardo one lovely evening when I explained my “superpower” to some close friends, and one of them called me “The Embassy Whisperer”. The nickname was because some of the events had to do with people and visas, or embassies. This same ability has earned me the nickname “prophet of doom” by someone else because, well, it’s usually associated with something negative. I have a few stories to explain… Continue reading