Be Positive: It is healthy!

Positive MindedPositive Mindedness

A few years back I took an exercise that was supposed to help one become more positive and more grateful in life. Someone said that I was one of the most positive people they know, and so I did not need that exercise. But sometimes I think that I may be so focused on finding negativity in people because it seems that a good number people are negative minded by default. Or is it just me?!

I have watched people make stupid mistakes and overreact to situations mainly because of some negative thought they have going on inside their own heads. They get hot headed, they got very short-sighted, they get narrow minded, they lose their tempers and start acting all crazy… all because of a negative “thought”. Your girlfriend did not reply your text message means she is cheating on you. Your friend did not pay a debt at the time they were supposed to mean they’re trying to outsmart you. Your name did not appear on the list for a package you paid for, means they’re trying to con you. I mean, can’t things happen for other positive reasons ever?

When things don’t go as expected, people call me crazy or unrealistic when I make up exciting and positive reasons why they didn’t happen as expected. So we were expecting a call at noon, and it’s 2pm but no call. Most people think “I knew we couldn’t trust those people” while I’m thinking “maybe they decided to come discuss the deal in person but could not call because they were so excited”. I would rather assume something positive and stay happy until we find out the truth, than torture myself with negative thoughts until again, we find out the truth. I’m not saying that negative thoughts don’t cross my mind. Of course they do and they will, but I choose which thoughts to dwell on… I dwell on the positive thoughts; it’s good for my health 🙂

You tell me… which is better? I choose positive thoughts, 100% of the time.


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