The Problem With Too Many Options

OptionsIt can be a problem sometimes

There was a research that showed that the more options we have, the more difficult it becomes for us to make a choice. I don’t know about you, but I find this to be very correct. The fewer the options, the easier the decision. It is easier to decide between either of two shirts to wear on a date, but when you have to pick between 15 choices, then your life becomes a misery. I mean, options are good and thank God for options, but I like to make my life simpler by limiting my options.

I cannot measure how many times hours we have spent in total at work all on making choices. Choosing what color for a button, or what picture for a social media post, or where to have lunch, or which sentence to use on a page, and so on. Mark of Facebook said that his outfit are uniform in order to eliminate time wasted on choosing what to wear each time. I think it is a fairly simple concept that can be adopted to many aspects of life. I know my life will be a lot simpler with far less options.


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