The Voice in My Head

It must have been between 10 PM and 12 AM that night and there was no light. I was fast asleep in the heat of the night in an upside-down position on my bed: my feet were at the head direction while my head was at the feet direction. As I remember, directly above my head was the ceiling fan as I was laid on my back facing upward to the ceiling.

It was pitch black. I was not dreaming, but I was not awake either. I was in “transit” (as I like to describe it) between sleep and awake when I vividly heard a voice say to me “Okay, I’m going to bright the light back!”. A second or so later, I opened my eyes. In the next second, light came and the fan slowly started to spin! Freaking weird, and totally awesome at the same time!!

Voice in My Head

Who or what was that voice?! This happened over 10 or 15 years ago and nobody has been able to give me an explanation that I can accept. Some say it was God, some say it was the Holy Spirit, and some say it was an alien. I mean, this is different from my extrasensory perception which happens not while I’m asleep. And I have never experienced anything similar or close to this, ever again in my life, until today.

Do you have an idea or a plausible explanation for what may have happened there that night? If you do, please share in the comment section below


3 thoughts on “The Voice in My Head

  1. Caroline March 5, 2015 / 20:19



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