It was never really about the money

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In his article titled “3 Signs You’re A Fake Entrepreneur“, Dale Partridge said that a true entrepreneur will tell you that it is rarely about money because at the core their work is solving problems. They see a problem and will not rest until they solve it.

I have always admired the word “entrepreneur” but I would hardly ever call myself an entrepreneur. I describe myself as more of a person who is passionate about solving problems with business. Business is not always about making money, like I said on LinkedIn the other day, and saying that business is all about the money is like saying that marriage is all about sex, or that school is all about making friends.

I have certain “business ethics” and principles that I abide by and I have run my businesses by them and I have done good business by them in the past. Today I had a conversation with someone who scoffed at my business ethics years ago and said that I did not know what I was doing. They asked for a second chance to work with me, and it reminded me of the purpose of business, which is solving problems, and I indeed felt proud and grateful of my personal business values.

What is business to you?


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