One can be careful, but it is God that protects

God's ProtectionGod’s Protection

There have been at least 3 times that I actually believed I was going to die, and no… my who life did NOT flash before my eyes. However, when you get out of such situations you cannot help but thank God for saving your life. At other times, it could be something that didn’t seem life threatening but if things went the other way, that could have been the end of  your life.

Some years ago, I and some friends went out to swim at a water park. A day or so before we went, I had seen a music video which was shot at, in and around a pool and I suddenly had the urge to swim. So I called a few friends up and convinced us to go swimming that weekend. I had never been down a water slide before, despite swimming at pools for a while, and so it was so much fun for me. I got carried away and with all that excitement, I got out of the water slide and dove head first into the shallow part of the pool!!

All I remembered was hearing a deep jamming sound as my movement was abruptly stopped by something. I opened my eyes and I had hit the bottom! I was in shock and I quickly got out of the pool and inspected myself… nothing had happened. Then I noticed a few seconds later that half of one of my front tooth was buried in the roof of my mouth! There was no bleeding and there was no pain whatsoever.

This was a Saturday, and so I had to spend the rest of the day as well as Sunday with half a tooth lodged in the roof of my mouth, and have everyone laugh at how silly I looked. On Monday, I went to the dentist and she said she was shocked that I wasn’t in any pain because my nerve was completely exposed and I was supposed to be experiencing sever pains. I guess the chlorine in the pool water helped? I don’t know. The only discomfort I experienced was when I drank cold water, it felt like my teeth froze.

Each time I remember that day, I imagine how bad things could have been if things had happened differently. My mouth was open and I hit the pool floor so hard that my tooth broke, and buried itself deep in the roof of my mouth. The tooth had to be filed out because the dentist couldn’t pull it out! What if my mouth wasn’t open and I busted my lips? It would have been so freaking bloody at the pool, not to talk of the pain and how much blood I would have lost. Or what if my head was tilted downward more and then I hit the floor with my nose or my forehead or my entire face? I mean… I could have died that day, even though it did not feel that way.

There are times that God protects us even when we are careless. Some say it’s luck, I say it’s God’s protection, and I am grateful!


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