My Superpower

My Superpower

We were having ice cream at Mardo one lovely evening when I explained my “superpower” to some close friends, and one of them called me “The Embassy Whisperer”. The nickname was because some of the events had to do with people and visas, or embassies. This same ability has earned me the nickname “prophet of doom” by someone else because, well, it’s usually associated with something negative. I have a few stories to explain…

Globacom SIM Cards
There was a time that Glo SIM cards worked in Cyprus. Due to a network loophole, people were able to send FREE SMS worldwide. Trust Nigerians na, soon it became big business on the island. Even I made some good money from selling Glo cards in Cyprus.

So a friend of mine told me that her boyfriend was going to send her a couple of lines to sell. Immediately that information dropped into my consciousness, I know that those SIM cards were not going to get to the island. I told her, but she said that I was being negative and that I should wish her well instead.

We both went to the post office together when the package arrived. We opened it and the books which her boyfriend had used to conceal the SIM cards were there, but there were no no SIM cards at all! What had happened was that the immigration in Turkey had intercepted the package and confiscated the cards. That was the end of that.

Visa Case #1
My friend’s sponsor invited her to France for a visit, and my friend said she was going to apply for a visa. Again, I knew that she wasn’t going to get the visa. I warned her with a note on her dairy because I didn’t know how to explain to her. A few days after she read it, she said to me that she had prayed about it that she will get the visa, and that my “bad luck” was not affect her. In my head, I laughed because I knew what was going to happen eventually. We both went to the embassy together to pick up her letter… and she did not get the visa, unfortunately.

Visa Case #2
I was on my way to the British embassy to pick up my second visa when I met a friend in the bus. I was surprised to see her heading out so early in the morning. I asked where she was heading, and she said she was going to apply for a British visa. Well, you know how it goes… the moment that piece of info dropped into my consciousness, I knew that she wasn’t going to get it! It felt so bad because I had to sit next to her for an hour’s journey to apply for a visa that I knew she wasn’t going to get, while I was going to pick mine up!

After picking my passport up, I waited for her to finish with the interview, and she said that it did not really go well. She was unable to answer most of the questions satisfactorily, and she said she was kind of worried. In the week or so that followed, I got news that she was denied the visa.

Visa Case(s) #3
There were about 4 or 5 of guys who were planning to go to the embassy that week, and my room mate had told me about them. I remember vividly; we were sited at the lounge section on the ground floor of the library when he told me, and I immediately knew that none of them were going to get the visa. So you see the pattern here, and why my friend called me the embassy whisperer? So well yea, the same person later told me that all of them were denied visa, every single one of them that applied.

Embassy Whisperer

But this mostly happens to others more than it happens to me. But I have a few personal stories where it happening to me too, but I will share just one or two of them.

Personal Case #1 & #2
The apartment where we lived in had serious water problems and so I decided to move out. Immediately I had that thought, I knew that I was going to regret moving into the new place I had picked for myself. I could not understand why, but something was telling me not to and that if I did, I would regret it. So, I asked a few friends about it. Most of the answers I got were what I was thinking… I thought that it was my guilty conscience warning me because the place I wanted to move into was more expensive. That cannot be the reason why, I thought to myself, because my father was willing to pay the difference.

Each time I wanted to proceed, this thing stopped me. I remember that afternoon, I was on my way to go make the deposit payment of $250: I was stopped dead in my tracks, trying to answer the questions of WHY I was still proceeding, even though I was told not to. I had never been so confused in my life before, standing under the hot sun for about 5 minutes in a mental conflict between myself and I. Nevertheless, I still could not find a solid reason not to go, so I proceeded. Eventually, I didn’t move that period, and I lost the $250 deposit. I felt like “okay, so that was what I was being warned about, right?” Wrong!

Something had happened again that made me decide to move into the same place again. And again the “thing” still said NO! I was like “screw it” and I went anyways. Within 2 months of moving in, I found myself in some deep shit, something that could not have happened if I was anywhere else, and I had serious regrets. That was when I realized that well, I should have listened.

But here’s the weird part of this particular story. After the incident, I decided to move out, and again “it” said NO! Okay, this is kind of messed up! First you said that I should not to move in, but I did… my bad. And now I wanna move out and you say no?! What the heck! But I listened this time though lol. I was not read to make the same mistake twice in a row.

So this is my special power, and it has guided me at some crucial moments in my life telling me whether I’m making a bad decision or a decision that I will later regret, or how my friends’ relationships are going to end (that’s another story lol).

I called it my “6th sense”, but my sister calls it “Premonition”. Now I call it my “Superpower”. It does not happen all the time and it only happens when I become aware of a decision that someone makes, whether the person is me or someone else. I did some research and I believe the proper term is Extrasensory Perception or ESP for short.

So that’s my story. That’s my superpower, and I’m thankful for it.

What is your superpowers? Do you know some with such an ability? I would love to read about your experiences, so do share in comment section below. Thanks


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