Sometimes Misfortunes Are Necessary for Change to Happen

Sometimes in life we are faced with misfortunes or very unfortunate events, things that make you reconsider your values and the meaning of things in your life. I am not saying that they are good, but I appreciate misfortunes because they stop us in our tracks and force us to re think our actions and the decisions that have brought us to that point. There have been many times where something unfortunate happened to me and I started to ask myself questions about what I knew and believed, about what I thought was right and what I thought was wrong, and so on. Some misfortunes force us to make decisions that we normally wouldn’t.

Consider an unfaithful partner in a relationship who unfortunately gets caught cheating. For most people, if the misfortune of getting caught does not happen, they will not consider changing their ways. Normally, I choose not to put myself in such situations but misfortunes in life are just simply inevitable.

One example was a few years ago when my computer crashed and I lost everything! I wasn’t devastated as such because my superpower kicked in the night before. I remember telling my friend that I had a very strong feeling that something bad was going to happen “very soon”. She said that I was being negative and not talking like a Christian. If you know about my so-called superpower, you will know that it is never wrong. I tried to explain, but she insisted on confessing positively as a Christian. In my mind, I said “God, you and I know what’s going on”.

And so the next morning I woke up, put on my laptop, did some work for about 30 minutes or so, and it showed the “blue screen of death”. Normally when this happens, I just restart the computer and I’m usually good to go. But not this time! I restarted, took a long break, removed and reinserted the hard disk… nothing worked! I looked at my friend, smiled and told her that this was the “bad thing” that was going to happen. I was expecting something to happen so I had already accepted my fate and adjusted instantly, unlike everyone else around me.

MisfortunesSometimes, they are necessary for change to happen

What happened thereafter? I got a new hard disk and started a new habit of backing up important emails online. The emails of my Study Abroad Agency were about the most important documents, for some reason, and so I now have a copy of every email I send out copied online. Anything else can go, but not these. I was not used to having backups because hard disk crashes are very very rare for me and my friends kept destroying my external hard disks. So in the end, the unfortunate event of a crashed hard disk created a new habit of cloud backups for me, and it has saved my ass a few times.

Another quick example was how, many years ago we had some water collected in the kitchen for cooking during an event. Before the end of the day, a cockroach had crawled into the water and died. As a result, the water remained there for a few days as we were using it for other things instead of throwing it away. That unfortunate incident lead to a habit of storing water in the kitchen for years to come, that everyone had forgotten what got us storing water in the kitchen in the first place.

With every misfortune, there is most probably going to be a significant lifestyle change or prominent decision waiting to happen, and this is why I appreciate misfortunes when they happen. So the next time you find yourself in an unfortunate event, prepare to take advantage of the misfortune as an opportunity to changing an aspect of your life for good.


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