I Still Don’t Get Clubs!

In the ClucbIt’s like paying for headache and to have your body smell of 2nd hand smoke… why?

I have been to clubs a couple of times in my life and most of those times were during the days while I was still running Pre Entertainment. Pre Entertainment (or “Pre Ent” for short) was the name under which I organized entertainment events like university parties, tournaments and so on. I did a few parties under that name, and a few others under no name or just to help a friend out. But before Pre Ent, I had never gone “clubbing” before and it was mainly it was never really my kind of thing. After Pre Ent, I was sure clubbing wasn’t my thing, but I kind of had to be there because they were my parties.

So despite after throwing a few parties back in the days, there was never ever a time that I left a club feeling relaxed or “good” thereafter. I always have a headache or I feel really tired from shouting so much. I mean, why would anybody purposely subject themselves to all that? The music sometimes are good, depending on the DJ, but it is usually extremely loud, I get a headache from the music and from shouting my lungs out so that I can have a conversation with the person standing right next to me. Then there’s the smoke all over the place that leaves your entire body, cloths and even hair smelling of 2nd hand smoke. In addition to all this, the place is dark and kind of gloomy, not the calm and relaxing kind of dark.

Why am I saying all this today? Last Friday night I was out with a friend at a bar/cafe or club wannabe and well, it was an experience for me. We were there mainly because my friend wanted shisha and also it was going to be my first time having shisha, so I was really looking forward to that night. It was a fun evening for us both but for me it was not fun because we were at the club, bar or whatever. It was fun because I was with my friend and the both of us were the ingredients of our fun. I mean, we could have been back at my place with a bottle of wine, shisha and some soft music and I would still have just as much fun… no smoke, no unnecessarily loud music, no headaches and definitely no screaming my ass out.

My idea of a club is more like in a few movies… a bar, with a lounge or booth and a dance floor. Medium lighting with good music (preferably soft) but loud enough for you to jam or grind (or whatever it’s called) and also loud enough to have a descent conversation with a person across from where you’re seated, without having to scream your lungs out. It’s what I like to call a “gentleman’s club“.

Anyways, I got home and rid myself of the smoke smelling clothes and into the shower. While refreshing in the shower and washing the smoke and grit off my body, I could not help but appreciate the normal sound of peace and quiet. And as I laid on my bed with the pounding headache in my throbbing head, I said “Oh God, oh why! Please let me survive this night, oh Lord!” because the pain was so much and the alcohol made my stomach uneasy. Well fine, maybe the alcohol was just me because alcohol on an empty stomach isn’t good for me. Nevertheless, it was altogether a very very unpleasant feeling, and I cannot understand why anybody would want to pay to put themselves through something like this. The highlight of the day however, was a nice time with my friend and being a club person, she most definitely had more fun than I did.

Thank God for quiet!


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