Man Wasn’t Meant for the Sabbath

The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath

About 3 years ago, this statement started to have a new meaning in my life. Up until the 3rd quarter of 2013, I had worked as a freelancer or part time and there wasn’t really a clear distinction between my work life and my personal life. I was usually the guy you’d see working on his laptop while at a party or on a school trip. People that spent much time with me knew this about me; There was a day that I went to visit a friend and she was “shocked” to see that I didn’t bring my laptop that day… yea, it was that bad.

But sometime in 2012 or so, I decided that I would start to appreciate my Sundays and start using it as my “me day” And by Me Day, I mean that I will make Sundays all about me, to do whatever I choose to and rid the day of any form of “work”. That means I could be lazy all day, if I so desire or not pick up work-related calls or not even reply to work-related emails and text messages.

SabbathMark 2:27

When I first started regarding my Sabbaths, I would take off without notice for the weekend to a friends place and which off my phones for the weekend. The place was located away from everyone else and so that made it ideal for me as I could take walks without anyone having to see me. It really hasn’t been easy keeping up with this decision, but I still do try.

My Sunday (yesterday) was a very lazy day for me, and it felt good! I made sure I enjoyed waking up late, and by late I mean 8 am (I just can’t “oversleep”, dunno). I took my time to listen to some podcasts and watch some Ted videos too. I read a couple of articles online and took an afternoon nap. I cannot remember when last I had a Sunday afternoon nap! This was probably my 3rd or 4th Sunday afternoon nap this year, and I’m glad I was able to sleep. After my nap, I saw the movie “The Giver” and it was a really nice one. I had to go to the market just so I could get out of the house because I was indoors all day! All in all, it was a very lazy day for me and it felt good and it made me really appreciate Sabbaths again. I didn’t handle anything work, not even on Whatsapp. So I feel like I’m getting closer to completely utilizing my Sabbaths for rests.

There are many articles, videos and even research that talk about the importance of taking breaks and I am constantly reminded of my breaks. I remember a Ted talk titled “The Power of Time Off” in which a man spoke about how his company takes a Sabbatical leave once every 7 years; Yes, they just close up the company and go on vacation for a whole year! I love the idea, I really do. Although I would not take a whole year off, but I will give myself and those who will ever work with me enough time for rests, like for instance, 1 month compulsory break in every 12 months, which is equivalent to 1 year of Sabbatical once every 12 years.

Indeed, the Sabbath was made for man, and not man made for the Sabbath.

What about you? Do you take time offs? How do you spend yours Sabbath or time off?


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