Do You Feel God May Be Gossiping about You?

Okay maybe it’s just me but I have this fear and I think it is a perfectly logical one. Let me just explain…

We all know that one person who is a gossip, and cannot keep a secret; they spill everything they hear or are told like trying to collect water with a basket. And sometimes, that gossip of a person happens to be our good friend, close friend or even best friend. You know where I’m going with this, right?

So your “bestie” knows so much about you and in much details, and one day you both come across a mutual friend who is closer to your bestie than to you. When you meet with this mutual friend, I bet you that you wouldn’t be able to help but wonder what your bestie must have told this mutual friend of yours and or how much detail was revealed. You may start to feel “somehow” and even try to shorten the meeting so that you do not become the topic of the conversation. Does this sound familiar to you, or even slightly?

Now back to my perfectly logical fear… I am kind of afraid of “men of God”! Yes, I said it! To me, a man of God is someone who is pals with God, who talks to God and God talks back… like literally. I talk to God pretty much like I’m talking to you right now or like I would with a friend sitting right next to me, but I don’t always hear back from him like a friend will talk back in a discussion, you know. So I assume that men of God get live feedback from God when communicating with Him.

The Gossip

So you know, He is God and He knows really everything about me. So whenever I come across someone who is referred to as a “man of God”, I get uncomfortable because I don’t know what God is going to tell them about me or how much he’s going to reveal to them about me… and that’s what I’m worried about. That’s why I fear men of God, and I feel this is perfectly logical.

However, the perfect picture I have of these “men of God” usually gets shattered when they do something to remind me that they’re only human after all. I don’t know why, but I usually look up to people who I see as more “christian” than I am. It’s just me. But one time I remember the day this friend of mine who I thought was a better christian than I was, told a blatant lie to someone’s face! If you were inside my head at that moment, you would hear the sound glass shattering to the floor! “Everybody lies” the say, but those that know me know that I don’t lie, even to get out of trouble. Okay well, I tell an average of ONE lie per month (yea, I do count), so lying just isn’t my style.

Like there was this one time someone told me that she saw their pastor cheating during an exam. Again, a bubble burst in my head because I knew the guy and how “pastor” he was. Fine, no one is perfect, but there are just some things that I wouldn’t do as a person, how much more as a christian then talk less of a pastor. And this is not to say that I am a better christian than anyone or anybody, and I am not because I always look up to others and very often consider myself less of a christian than most others. Anyways, there are things I just don’t do, like telling lies (often) or cheating at exams. I think I only ever cheated once in an exam and that was just after secondary school… the answers were rubbish anyways.

So yea… I am kind of afraid of “men of God” because I feel that God may tell them a thing or two about me, probably stuff that he wants them to know about me and who knows what that stuff could be 🙂

Do you ever feel this way or think like this sometimes? The fear that God may tell on you sometimes? Please comment or share your opinions below.


2 thoughts on “Do You Feel God May Be Gossiping about You?

  1. Tope March 23, 2015 / 11:26

    Are you afraid of “men of God” because they can be human or are you are afraid of them because they tell God all your secrets?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kheme March 23, 2015 / 11:30

      It is because God may tell them stuff about me, and I don’t wanna be “friends” with them when that happen :-p


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