Up or down…or the way you feel life within…

When you’re not sure if you’re going up or down, then it is time for you to stop, think, re-think, evaluate and re-evaluate…


How can a photo make one think about writing a post of a life importance?

Well, first of all, I think visual art has an enormous impact on our senses. Think of seeing an adorable baby and you get this warm feeling inside of you…it’s like you wanna hold it, squeeze it, caress it, play with its small hands and feet and lay kisses on its chubby cheeks. You know what I mean. Or just when you see that person you can’t live without…You want to shower them with compliments, you want to serve the whole world under their feet just to see them happy…It’s like a volcano of emotions just waiting for you to ignite the eruption that would sweep you off your feet…

And second, I believe, seeing something with your own eyes really touches those neurons in your brain that produce that version of reality where you…

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Why I blog

I started writing a long, long time ago. I don’t even remember when putting words on paper became a habit or hobby of mine. I didn’t write much while in secondary school, but I remember learning how to code on pen and paper. Yes, that’s right… I learned computer programming with a pen and paper. In fact when I was learning to program in QBASIC, I didn’t even know it was computer programming lol Honestly! Continue reading

WordPress.com Improves Their Two-Step Authentication with Google Authenticator

Almost a year ago, I lost access to this blog and I wasn’t able to post articles for a couple of weeks. In that time, I had to use the WordPress app for Android phones which luckily, I could still access. Thank God for the Android app though, but do you have any idea how cumbersome it is to type a 600-word article with the touch screen of a mobile phone… It is frustrating!! I admit though that I have kind of gotten over my fear (or distaste) of touch screens as the primary input for mobile phones. Continue reading

My Top 10 Most Popular Articles for March 2015

Here is a summary of the most viewed articles on my blog during the month of March 2015

The Voice in My Head

It must have been between 10 PM and 12 AM that night and there was no light. I was fast asleep in the heat of the night in an upside-down position on my bed: my feet were at the head direction… Continue reading

The Problem With Too Many Options

It can be a problem sometimes There was a research that showed that the more options we have, the more difficult it becomes for us to make a choice. I don’t know about you, but I find this to be… Continue reading

Man Wasn’t Meant for the Sabbath

The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath About 3 years ago, this statement started to have a new meaning in my life. Up until the 3rd quarter of 2013, I had worked as a freelancer or part… Continue reading

I Still Don’t Get Clubs!

Well, it’s not absolutely free though, cos you have to work for it! Turkish Airlines is giving out 25 million (yes, 25,000,000) miles in a new “25 Million Miles” campaign. So the rules are simple: sign up for their Miles… Continue reading

My Superpower

We were having ice cream at Mardo one lovely evening when I explained my “superpower” to some close friends, and one of them called me “The Embassy Whisperer”. The nickname was because some of the events had to do with people… Continue reading

One can be careful, but it is God that protects

God’s Protection There have been at least 3 times that I actually believed I was going to die, and no… my who life did NOT flash before my eyes. However, when you get out of such situations you cannot help… Continue reading

It was never really about the money

Business Values In his article titled “3 Signs You’re A Fake Entrepreneur“, Dale Partridge said that a true entrepreneur will tell you that it is rarely about money because at the core their work is solving problems. They see a problem… Continue reading

Sometimes Misfortunes Are Necessary for Change to Happen

Sometimes in life we are faced with misfortunes or very unfortunate events, things that make you reconsider your values and the meaning of things in your life. I am not saying that they are good, but I appreciate misfortunes because they stop us… Continue reading

Pebble Time Breaks the Record of Most Funded KickStarter Project!

Yup! Pebble Time just became the most funded project on KickStarter after raising over $15 million dollars from 61k backers; that’s more than 3000% of their goal of $500k. Like I said last week, when you build a good product, the… Continue reading

If you are the smartest person in the room…

I have a real problem with this statement, but give me a few minutes let me explain myself here… Continue reading