Why I blog

I started writing a long, long time ago. I don’t even remember when putting words on paper became a habit or hobby of mine. I didn’t write much while in secondary school, but I remember learning how to code on pen and paper. Yes, that’s right… I learned computer programming with a pen and paper. In fact when I was learning to program in QBASIC, I didn’t even know it was computer programming lol Honestly!

Fast forward about 5 years later, it was the mid 2000’s and I was so obsessed with writing that I used to have little jotters, old diaries and booklets around the house where I would write down my ideas, thoughts and opinions about things. One of the last times I visited Nigeria, I saw some of those writings and they’re like a treasure to me right now. I just don’t know how or why I gave up writing shortly after I got to Cyprus.

Then I came to Cyprus in and that was when I first started blogging on my personal website, but and after a while I lost the whole website. The blog (and the rest of the website) was hand coded by me and I still remember a few articles I wrote on that blog. Some of my favorites included: The breakup ideology, the possibility that cats actually have 9 lives and how we are all evil! Even though I lost the website, I still had copies on my computer and I was able to put some of them online but this time as notes on my Facebook profile. You can take a look at my notes on Facebook by clicking here: www.facebook.com/Kheme/notes. It was the closest to a blog that I could find at that time.

I guess as an introvert, writing was (and still is) important to me and so I tried again to get back to blogging with Blogger, but it did not work out well for me. Then I tried WordPress in 2009 or so, and it later got shut down (I don’t even remember why). Finally I started my current blog (khemes.wordpress.com) in 2011 or 2012 accidentally. It started out as a side project to help a friend out, but she did not use it in the end. Then out of a desire to just “express” my thoughts in the original meaning of Blog” (a web log), I took over and turned it into my personal blog.

Why I Blog

Since the start of the blog I have gained about 140 followers, I post more often these days, my writing has gotten a whole lot better and my posts are getting even longer. Traffic wasn’t really my goal, but it would be nice to get more people to read what I write AND to comment as well. However, despite not having those my readers comment nor high traffic, I still choose to continue and if not for anyone else… for myself!

So you see, over 10 years ago, I used to love to write on paper, and it still fascinate me when I get to read some things that the old me had written down all those years. They make me laugh sometimes, some of them make me wonder if I’m getting wiser or the opposite, and I often become nostalgic after reading a couple of them. It is a good feeling, is what I’m trying to say.

My writings show (to me at least) how my life is changing and how I am getting better (or worse) in different aspects of my life. It lets me see (on a linear path) how I have evolved as a person and how my mind has grown intellectually and otherwise. It gives me a chance to express myself and share my experiences to a much wider audience with the hope of adding some value (no matter how little) to my readers, however few they may be. I guess you can call it my sort of way of self-immortalization.

So this is why I blog.

Do you own a blog too? Why do you blog? Please comment belog


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