Up or down…or the way you feel life within…

When you’re not sure if you’re going up or down, then it is time for you to stop, think, re-think, evaluate and re-evaluate…


How can a photo make one think about writing a post of a life importance?

Well, first of all, I think visual art has an enormous impact on our senses. Think of seeing an adorable baby and you get this warm feeling inside of you…it’s like you wanna hold it, squeeze it, caress it, play with its small hands and feet and lay kisses on its chubby cheeks. You know what I mean. Or just when you see that person you can’t live without…You want to shower them with compliments, you want to serve the whole world under their feet just to see them happy…It’s like a volcano of emotions just waiting for you to ignite the eruption that would sweep you off your feet…

And second, I believe, seeing something with your own eyes really touches those neurons in your brain that produce that version of reality where you…

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