What is YOUR reason for showing kindness???

Let me share a short story about my Thursday morning.

As some of you may already know, I will be going back to Nigeria soon after an amazing, fun-filled 9+ years on this special island called Cyprus. So I and one of my very close friends decided to spend some time together one last time before I leave; I called it our “last supper” and this time it was meant to be different from the other times we hung out. It was a wonderful day as we had dinner as we had dinner at a lovely restaurant, then we went to see the new Mad Max movie in 3D and then we went for shisha at a café/bar in the area. We got back so late last night that she had to spend the night at my place because her friend ditched her to be with the boyfriend lol

Be Kind to Strangers

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How Bad is the Fuel Scarcity Crisis in Nigeria?

Being out of the country, I can only sympathize with those who are directly affected by the fuel scarcity going on in Nigeria at the moment. At first, it was just something we discuss casually as this will not the the first major fuel crisis in the country, but in the last few days I have been seeing things on social media that have picked my interest, and raises concern.

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Win an InnJoo Leap Tablet in the DomainKing Lucky Blogger Contest

Just 3 weeks ago, I won 1 year free domain name from DomainKing.NG during their Nigerian Blog Awards giveaway. I’ve never really been the “lucky” type so I didn’t waste time in registering the domain name for a new project that I’m working on with a friend (Nigerian Blog Reviews). So first of all… many, many thanks to DomainKing.NG in playing a crucial role in facilitating that project as we get it off the grown.

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Dealing with a breakup

We’ve all done bad things, but that doesn’t make us all bad people, or does it? Perhaps you tried your best, you acted out of fear or you did what you truly believed would be best for the relationship and you ended up hurting your partner: are they now a “bad” person? Has she become a bad person simply because she realized that you deserve a lot more than she could ever offer, and so decided to end the relationship because she did not want to be selfish? Irrespective of the reason, breakups usually end in one or both people feeling so much hurt, and this can be very tough to deal with. So how does one deal with a breakup, and get over their ex so that they can move on with their lives?

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Love & Hate: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Have you been in a relationship where you suddenly find yourself hating the person that you love (or once loved)? In as much as you love them so much, certain things that they do just get to you in a way that you just feel like snapping their neck! But how did you get to that point? It is something I once called Emotional Inertia. Let me explain.

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A More Compelling Analysis on the Trekking Guy’s Journey From Lagos To Abuja

So it’s all over the internet that “The Trekking” guy is a fraud and people are analyzing the feasibility of his trip. Until now, I have decided to stay away from the topic and I’m not sure why. However, I decided this morning to look at the popular discussions on the internet and this is what I found almost everywhere…

On an ideal situation (Road Conditions, Diversions, Weather Conditions, Traffic, etc. affect driving distance), a driving journey from Lagos to Abuja by road (Lagos –> Abuja) is approximately 587 Minutes – 9 hour(s) 47 minutes(s).

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Reality Crowd TV Presents the 1st Annual Virtual Crowdfunding Summit 2015 Tickets | Eventbrite

Reality Crowd TV Media Corporation is hosting the 1st annual virtual crowdfunding summit 2015 for the purpose of bringing together the best and brightest minds in the crowdfunding and entrepreneurial industry for a 3 weeklong event to educate entrepreneurs from around the world about the new funding options available to them through the crowdfunding movement.

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