A More Compelling Analysis on the Trekking Guy’s Journey From Lagos To Abuja

So it’s all over the internet that “The Trekking” guy is a fraud and people are analyzing the feasibility of his trip. Until now, I have decided to stay away from the topic and I’m not sure why. However, I decided this morning to look at the popular discussions on the internet and this is what I found almost everywhere…

On an ideal situation (Road Conditions, Diversions, Weather Conditions, Traffic, etc. affect driving distance), a driving journey from Lagos to Abuja by road (Lagos –> Abuja) is approximately 587 Minutes – 9 hour(s) 47 minutes(s).

That means it would take a car in good working condition just approximately 10 hours from Lagos to Abuja by the route on the Map below. Having said that, what time would it take an average person to walk the same distance? How many hours would he have to walk each day? And in how many days would he complete his journey?

Let’s assume Buhari was officially declared winner of the election on the 30th of March 2015 and our trekking guy started his journey on the 2nd of April 2015….!!! If by 20th of April 2015 Hamisu Abubakar arrived the FCT on foot, it is also confortable to conclude that it took him 18days to walk from Lagos to Abuja on foot.

24 Hours in a day by 18days would be 432 Hours…. How many hours did he walk each day to complete his task in 18 days considering the fact that from Lagos to Abuja is approximately 736.6km?

Trekking Guy

Now let me analyze this personally… I often walk 5 km daily with my friends, and we complete that 5 km within 50 mins, that is 1 km per 10 mins (click here for evidence). So let’s say I walk 5 km in 1 hour; therefore, it will take me about 147.3 hours to cover 736.6 km.

If I walk for 24 hours non-stop, it will take me 6.1 days from Lagos to Abuja. But I obviously can’t walk for 24 hours so let’s say I walk 6 hours only each day (with rest, food and sleep) that will take me 24.6 days to finish. Now, if the man walks at the same pace as me and finished in 18 days, that means he walked about 8.2 hours everyday. Despite the given weather conditions, road, etc. he could also jog or run to cover more distance in less time; after all, he has about 12 hours to rest each day.

So in conclusion… it is very possible. Ask those that walk daily, and they will confirm this for you. In fact, the people I walk with walk faster than me (I have pretty short legs) and so I know at least 2 people who can comfortably walk from Lagos to Abuja well within 18 days and this is a fact.

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One thought on “A More Compelling Analysis on the Trekking Guy’s Journey From Lagos To Abuja

  1. eminemms May 14, 2015 / 23:14

    Ohh yeahhhh I definitely agree!! Get me to Nigeria and see how fast I can cover the distance up 😛


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