How Bad is the Fuel Scarcity Crisis in Nigeria?

Being out of the country, I can only sympathize with those who are directly affected by the fuel scarcity going on in Nigeria at the moment. At first, it was just something we discuss casually as this will not the the first major fuel crisis in the country, but in the last few days I have been seeing things on social media that have picked my interest, and raises concern.

Fuel Scarcity

Last night, a friend broadcasted a message on WhatsApp saying that it is not GEJ’s fault that there is fuel scarcity in Nigeria, but the fault of the petroleum companies who are hoarding fuel due to fear of the unknown, as the presidency will be changing hands with the swearing in of the new president elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This has spun a lot of reaction both in the public and private sectors as is evident on social mediate in the past week or so.

Yesterday I saw on a friend’s Instagram a screenshot of The Beat 99.9FM’s tweet saying that they will be shutting down periodically because they have to ration their diesel supply due to the fuel crisis going on in the country. It was like a joke, and someone replied in tweet saying “if I bring you diesel tomorrow, will you play my new song Sabali???” I guess the person was an artist and they were trying to get their new song out? Or it was all just a joke?

Some funny images related with the ongoing fuel crisis… enjoy!

Then this morning I opened my mailbox to receive an email from my Nigerian bank, Guaranty Trust bank, with the subject line reading “Notice of Early Closure of Branches”. GTB often send emails like these just before holidays or special events (like the elections), notifying their customers that they will be closed for a given timeframe (they are good with sending out these automated emails, but terrible at customer care? Imagine in took me 13 days just to setup a bank account because NOBODY from the bank thought to call and inform me that there was a problem with one of my references! Anyways, that’s besides the point here… I just wanted to rant a little about their terrible customer care service). So curiously clicked to read the email, and this was what I saw:


The shit just got real! So how bad is the fuel crisis situation in Nigeria? It’s so bad that banks are shutting down! Even though there are those who are not affected directly by this crisis, the struggle is real!

So what is your opinion about the fuel scarcity crisis and how are you affected by it? Please share in the comments below.

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