What is YOUR reason for showing kindness???

Let me share a short story about my Thursday morning.

As some of you may already know, I will be going back to Nigeria soon after an amazing, fun-filled 9+ years on this special island called Cyprus. So I and one of my very close friends decided to spend some time together one last time before I leave; I called it our “last supper” and this time it was meant to be different from the other times we hung out. It was a wonderful day as we had dinner as we had dinner at a lovely restaurant, then we went to see the new Mad Max movie in 3D and then we went for shisha at a café/bar in the area. We got back so late last night that she had to spend the night at my place because her friend ditched her to be with the boyfriend lol

Be Kind to Strangers

Anyways, as I saw her off this morning I offered to buy her breakfast but the place we usually ate together was not yet open. Then we walked into the market as she needed to buy something for her to make breakfast when she returned back home. Now while I was looking on the other side of the market for the item that my friend needed, I noticed a lady trying to talk to me from behind. She didn’t know that I spoke Turkish so she was making gestures and I understood that she was trying to ask me something. So I engaged her in a conversation and said that she needed some bread for breakfast (there were these little pieces of soft cheese bread) and I told her sure, she should help herself out. I had already taken out some cash for my friend’s breakfast, but since I couldn’t get her any, I figured why not help the “stranger woman” with breakfast anyways.

We then got to the cashier and I paid for the woman’s bread as well as my friends item. It seemed like the cashier knew the stranger woman, so she asked her how we met and the stranger woman told her that we had just met earlier inside the market. The cashier seemed surprised and well, it was strange to me too and so we all just laughed. It seems kindness is best when shown to a complete stranger, because it is unexpected and the reaction is usually priceless!

After we got outside, my friend didn’t seem to know what was going on so she asked me if I knew the stranger woman, and I said no. She then asked why would I buy breakfast for someone I don’t know, and I said “because I can” and because I didn’t need to know her to help, especially when I can help her.

Most times for me, I show kindness simply “because I can”. It will not cost my life to put a smile on someone’s face even if I may never, ever see them again (ever).

What is your reason for showing kindness? Please share in the comments below. Thanks


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