Cyprus Versus Nigeria: Back for Good

It’s been 2 weeks days since I got back to Nigeria from Cyprus and so far it has been an experience worth writing about. Even though I have visited Nigeria 4 times since the first time I left for Cyprus in 2006, this time is actually different because I’m back to Nigeria for good! The last 111 months of my life were spent mostly in Northern Cyprus and my visits to Nigeria have lasted a maximum of about 5 weeks, but out of those weeks I have spent a total 2 or 3 weeks in Lagos. My problem right now is mainly with Lagos and if you’ve been abroad before, I bet that you can relate with some of the experiences I’m about to describe. For those who may not have been abroad, let me tell you of the differences that I have to deal with, some of which I was not very well prepared for. Note that some of these problems are not new but I simply just had to endure them in the past because my days in Nigeria were numbered; I really couldn’t be bothered. Nevertheless, they remain a challenge for me while in Lagos, and in Nigeria… Enjoy!

Cyprs vs. Nigeria

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